Monday, March 30, 2015

New Sighting of Earl the Pug Bummlie ~ Adventures at the Idaho Pug Ranch!

Happy Monday everyone!


Spring is officially here and it is  time to play!

The wonderful pug family, Mabel, Bailey and Hazel are at their Idaho Pug Ranch playing with their new Pug Bummlie, Earl today! :)

Let's tune in and see what they are all up to!

Baby Mabel was the 1st one to greet Earl with a proper welcoming handshake! :)

Then she told him all about their pug ranch and her pug sister and brother Hazel & Bailey!

Earl was so excited he got settled right in and
started playing with all of them!

After a wonderful day of games it was time to settle in for an afternoon nap!

Earl was like goldilocks... splitting his nap time in 3 different beds.

First he cuddled with Mabel and told her a bedtime story filled with his adventures he had before he arrived with all of his Bear, Bunny and Pug Bummlie friends back at Pug Notes HQ.

Then he settled in with Big Brother Bailey and learned all about the Pug Ranch before Bailey was quietly snoring away.

... and then he curled up with big sister Hazel and took a nap too before the dinner bell rang to start the next FUN chapter of their day!

Pug Bummlie Earl is sooo happy in his new home with the Burrups in ID!

Come and play with them too on their blog today! 

and if you would like a Pug Bummlie Earl to come an play at your house...

You can get your very own Pug Bummlies in our etsy shop!

They cannot wait to become a member of your family too!

Have a super day everyone!

Melissa & R-Chee

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Bummlie Lounge ~ How to Tuck in your Bummlie! :)

Happy Friday everyone!

LOL! :)

Looks like R-Chee is trying to be as flat as his Pug Bummlie, Earl & his Bear Bummlie, Edward today!

Let's listen in while he teaches us the perfect way to be as snuggly as his favorite Bummlies.

Hi everyone!

It is me...

I am here today to demonstrate how to tell your Bummlie the best bedtime story ever!

Earl & Edward are so comforting and FUN to play with that I thought I would do the same for my Bummlies today!

I think I have perfected the technique!

The first thing you do is bring your Bummlie or Bummlies over to your favorite bed.

Then you lay on your side and get comfy right next to him or her.

The last step is to curl in right between them and tell them a bedtime story before you pass out yourself.

That is the part I have not yet mastered.

Oh well... practice makes perfect right?

I will work on my technique all weekend with Earl & Edward by my side while my mom makes more Bummlies for us to enjoy!

What are you up to this weekend?

Please leave me a note and let me know!

I cannot wait to hear all about it!

R-Chee, Earl & Edward

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Warm Hearted Wednesday!

Happy Warm Hearted Wednesday everyone!

R-Chee & I are having FUN working on our Pug Notes Newsletter ~ Spring 2015 for you all to enjoy!

It will be released soon!

If you would like a copy delivered to your email inbox please just either sign up in the newsletter signup box on the left hand side of our blog at the top or email me anytime to sign you up and I will be happy to!

Brigitte & Sluggo are warm and comfy in their Sweater Vests at their house in CT with their wonderful mom, Kathy W.

and Sissy is enjoying her new Snow Cone Sweater Vest with her brother Joey in NY with their fabulous mom, Elissa H.

Thank you Elissa and Kathy for sharing your photos with us!

They made us smile from ear to ear!

R-Chee & I love all of you and love making your Sweater Vests for you!

I have these and other sweater vests available as Ready to Ship Sweater Vests in my Etsy Shop today!

If they are sold out or you do not find the colors and sizes you would like, No Problem!

I am thrilled to make you any color combination that you choose!

Please let me know if you would like me to make you a custom Woofie Warmer, Barkclava Dog Hat or Sweater Vest.

You can make up your own color combos or...

You can see all the possibilities anytime in :

The Sweater Vest Gallery at

The Woofie Warmer Gallery at


The Barkclava Gallery at

I am happy to make any color combos you would like and now also make Black or Fawn Pugs,  Smile, Monogram, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Love & Teddy Bear Badges in my Etsy Shop that you can add to any Sweater Vest, Hat or Neck Warmer!

How Fun!


Melissa & R-Chee

Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 ~ Wool Pug Fabric Collage #1

Happy Monday everyone!

I am so excited!

Spring has sprung and it is time to create new things!

I am pulling new projects to create.

They have been happily waiting in the wings all Winter, and now it is time to make them come to life!

This is my first of many Wool Pug Fabric Collage wall hangings that I have planned to make for my home!

If you remember, I made 4 last year that I hung in my kitchen and upstairs hallway...

2014 Fabric Pug Collages

Wool Pug Collage #4

This year I plan to make 6 more!

They are so FUN & easy and just crack me up with a big smile every time I look at them! :)

They combine all my favorite things...

Wool Scraps
Vintage Placemats
Upcycling craft materials!

See how to make them too on this post we made for you to easily join in on the FUN. :)

They are so FUN & fast to make that you will have a work of art completed from one of your favorite pet photographs or drawings in no time at all!

The first 4 this year will all hang in our bedroom and then I will make 2 more for the Pug Cave!

At this rate, I will have one in every room of the house! :)

I took lots of photos to show you how he just popped to life with a few puggy shapes cut out of different scraps of felted wool, a vintage placemat and some glue!

Ta Da!

He is all done!

I just love how he turned out!

I will show you the others as I finish them, and then I will show you all of them hanging together as a set!

Please don't forget to see how to make them too on this post we made for you to easily join in on the FUN. :)

Melissa & R-Chee

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy 1st day of Spring everyone!

R-Chee & I decided to celebrate the first day with a walk on a trail by our house to see all of the grasses start to turn green and hear the birds singing around us today!

We are so excited to see how you are all welcoming in the new season at your house!

Tweedles and her Bear Bummlie, Maple are looking for tadpoles today at their house in OR!

Maple has heard stories about all the tadpoles they can collect from the pond and watch them play splishy splashy in the red bucket before they return them to the pond to turn into frogs that will sing their croaking songs to us soon!

R-Chee & I are a little early for green grass on our walk too so we came home to see our green indoor gardens that are reaching for the warm sunshine today in our kitchen!

...and family room!

Look at the pretty flower that popped open to say Happy Spring to us on our Crown of Thorns succulent today!

I even crocheted & embroidered a spring garden last year for us to enjoy and celebrate all year long!

Color, Love, Life, Growth...

The seasons of life that we all came here to enjoy together everyday!

Thank you for always playing with us!

R-Chee & I are so lucky to have friends like you!

How will you spend your first day of Spring today?

Please leave us a note and let us know!

We cannot wait to hear all about it!

Melissa & R-Chee

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Bummlie Report - The Bummlies are having a Blast with all of YOU!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

R-Chee & I are so excited!
All of you are so wonderful!

You make our world a happy place by playing with us everyday!

The Bummlies have been flying all over the world and reporting back how much FUN they are having with all of you!

Let's check in on a few who have landed into their new homes and see what they are up to!

"Hey look who came to work to meet my coworkers who have dog families!   Montegue is here!"

Deb B., CT

Cleo meets Pearl!

"I took Pearl in the car with us as soon as she arrived and she completely captivated my pug, Cleo, who usually whines on the ride out. Pearl has been a constant friend for Cleo since her arrival!"

Mary R., SC

Tiffy meets Earl!

"Hi Auntie Melissa! I LOVE my Pug Bummlie!
He is the perfect buddy to keep me company in the afternoon!
Michele B., CA

Twee plays with Maple!

"Any more Bummlies coming down?
The coast is clear- so come on!
What a fun day at the park!"

Georgie W., OR

We are having so much FUN making The Bummlies and sharing them with all of you!

Your huge reponse and warm welcome of them into your homes has been making R-Chee & I smile from ear to ear!

We are busy making more for you to play with!

Your Bummlie is waiting to meet you in our Etsy Shop!

Come & play with us!

Melissa & R-Chee

Monday, March 16, 2015

Reindeer Games ~ Come & Play With Me!

Happy Monday everyone!

R-Chee & I had so much FUN making a new collage last week that we made another one to share with you!

After our new friend appeared before our eyes & we heard him call out to us...

"Come & Play with Me"

Wax Crayons, Ink & Collage on paper

Melissa Langer ~ 2015

He was so FUN & Easy to make!

To create him...
I lightly painted a coat of gesso on a junk mail postcard mailer and let some of the background still show through.

After the gesso dried, I painted a light wash of watercolor over the gesso to add some color and let it pool to form water stained blobs to find a character in to bring out.

After turning the page this way and that to create some interesting shapes, I let it dry and pulled out my pencil and found a little dog to color in!

I pulled out my Neocolor 1 & 2 Wax crayons and started coloring him in.

He started to come to life and I finished his features with a bit of outlining with a black ink permanent marker.

The final step was to get out my old magazines and paste and cut out letters to form a message he was calling out loud and clear!

"Come & Play with Me!"

What a smart message!

We are all here to play & have FUN!

How will you play today?

Please leave us a note and let us know!

We cannot wait to hear all about it!

Melissa & R-Chee